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There are a lot of important parts involved in building your dream home, and one of the most important steps is the kind of flooring you use. With so many options to choose from, it’s important to get professional advice from your local experts. That’s where we at Haight Carpets & Interiors can step up to help you make informed decisions. Maybe you’re not sure whether tile or stone will compliment your walls best, or perhaps you just want to know the benefits of different floorings. It doesn’t matter—we’re here to make it as simple for you and show you just how many different kinds of flooring we offer!

Tile and Stone

Durability is the first reason most people think of getting ceramic tiling and flooring, and no wonder—with proper maintenance, you can get a lifespan of up to 20 years! If glazed, the tiles will have a protective layer that makes them resistant to water and stain, as well as high humidity, making them best for bathrooms and kitchens. It’s also very easy to maintain—just sweep or vacuum regularly to keep it free of dirt and debris, and mop weekly. They’re also very versatile thanks to modern manufacturing techniques: you can mix or match solid tiles in different patterns, or have them printed to imitate hardwood or natural stone. Whatever you want to do, however creative you want to be—with tile and stone, the sky’s the limit with endless possibilities!


Stylish. That’s hardwood floors in a word. They’re classy and bold, make a distinctive statement, and come in a variety of colors and grains to take on their own personality. Heavy grain? More rustic. Moderate grain? Generally traditional. Very little to no graining? Sleek, contemporary. Hardwood typically lasts longer, requires very little maintenance, and can easily be made to look like new with a quick sand and varnish.
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Our Services

Once you’ve decided what you want, why not contact the best Woodinville flooring company in the area? Our friendly staff will help you through the entire installation process, letting you know what needs to be taken out before, making sure you choose the best installer, and answering any follow-up questions you have. We’ll check if the old flooring needs to removed, run moisture checks, and make sure everything is done just right for optimal results. When it’s done, we guarantee you’ll be glad you chose Haight Carpet & Interiors.

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