When it comes to hardwood flooring, the finish plays a vital role in protecting the wood and enhancing its natural beauty. There are various types of hardwood floor finishes available, each offering its own set of benefits and aesthetic appeal. 

Join us in exploring the variety of finishes available including discussing the most durable hardwood floor finishes.

Table of Contents:
  1. What are hardwood floor finishes and why do they matter? 
  2. Common & most durable types of hardwood floor finishes
    1. View polyurethane finishes: oil & water:
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      2. View wax finishes

What are hardwood floor finishes and why do they matter? 

Hardwood floor finishes not only enhance the appearance of the wood, but they also provide a protective barrier against daily wear and tear, moisture, and stains. They can also influence the overall maintenance requirements and longevity of your hardwood floors. Therefore, choosing the right type of finish is crucial to ensure the beauty and durability of your investment.

Common & most durable types of hardwood floor finishes 

View polyurethane finishes: oil & water: 

Polyurethane is one of the most popular and most durable hardwood floor finishes. It is a synthetic resin that creates a durable protective layer on the surface of the wood. Polyurethane finishes come in two types: oil-based and water-based.

Water-based Polyurethane Finish
Water-based polyurethane finishes have gained popularity due to their quick drying time, low odor, and easy application. They provide excellent durability and protection against scratches, stains, and fading. Water-based finishes are also available in various sheen levels, from matte to high-gloss, allowing you to choose the desired look for your hardwood floors.

  • Characteristics: Offers a clear and satin finish.
  • Pros: Quick drying time, low odor, excellent durability.
  • Cons: May slightly raise the grain of the wood, may require multiple coats.

Oil-based Polyurethane Finish

Oil-based polyurethane finishes provide exceptional durability and water resistance. They create a slightly amber or yellowish hue, enhancing the natural warmth and richness of the wood. However, they tend to have a longer drying time and emit strong fumes during the application process.

  • Characteristics: Provides a warm, amber-colored finish.
  • Pros: Enhances the wood's natural beauty, easy to apply, long-lasting.
  • Cons: Longer drying time, strong odor during application.

View wax finishes: 

Paste Wax:
Hardwood paste wax is a popular option for providing a protective and lustrous finish to hardwood floors. It is a blend of natural waxes, such as carnauba and beeswax, along with solvents and other additives. When applied to hardwood floors, the paste wax forms a thin layer that helps to seal and protect the wood from moisture, stains, and minor scratches.

  • Characteristics: Provides a soft sheen and a traditional, low-luster appearance.
  • Pros: Easy to apply and repair, enhances the natural beauty of the wood.
  • Cons: Requires periodic reapplication, not as durable as other finishes.

Liquid Wax:

Hardwood liquid wax is a popular choice for homeowners looking to enhance the natural beauty of their hardwood floors. This type of wax is designed to provide a protective layer that adds depth and richness to the wood, while also offering a durable and long-lasting finish.

  • Characteristics: Offers a low-gloss and more durable finish compared to paste wax.
  • Pros: Easy to apply and maintain, enhances the wood's natural character.
  • Cons: May require occasional buffing or reapplication.

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