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Installation and What to Expect

Before you install tile or stone flooring, you need to be sure that it’s installed on a good subfloor. Since tile is one of the heaviest types of flooring, a solid subfloor is necessary to prevent cracking and damage later along the line. Your installer will make sure that you have a level, flat subfloor, or use a cement backer board to make it stable in the long run. Make sure you ask any important questions before and during—open communication is the key to making sure you get the best results possible. Your friendly Haight Carpet & Interiors sales staff will do their best to connect you with a professional and skilled installer. Make sure all furniture, as well as any other objects are removed. If you need information on how to prepare for installation, we can give you customized feedback on what’s specific for your case. Walk through the place with your chief installer and talk it all out once again, and work closely with your installer to get everything ready. Your installer will then measure out the area and use chalk lines to get an accurate layout, which helps him determine what pieces of tile will have to be cut to fit the area. All of this will be measured and marked, and then get cut through once the layout is determined. He’ll use thinset mortar and place the tiles inside, as well as use spacers for even placement. Once the mortar sets, grout is applied, and then the tile stones will be cleaned. Once installation is complete, there should be no foot traffic on the newly set flooring for 48 hours. Good ventilation is necessary for the first few days as well.


After your tile or stone flooring is set, all that’s left is to enjoy just how amazing it looks and take care of it as needed. A quick sweep to remove dirt and grit is what you’ll do the most, as well as damp mop it weekly. Feel free to call us for recommendations on the best cleaners to use—and don’t use detergent or soap, as they might dull the surface!
If there’s anything you’re unsure about, give us a call at (425) 485-1354. We look forward to offering you guidance!

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